The Gloryhole Adventurer Map!

A global search tool powered by google maps. Easy to use from your smartphone on the go with searchers and gloryhole owners connecting through whatever social media accounts the owners choose to list.


A lot of thought has gone in to the development of this. Simplicity and functionality. This is the thing that curious/straight/discreet horny men who enjoy cock fun have been waiting for. 

We recommend you open in a browser as opposed to the google maps app. Use the Map below or click HERE to open in a separate browser. Occasionally Google doesn't like something on the map and pulls it. When this happens we refresh the Map and post a new link here. New submissions are added daily. 

If you have a gloryhole you want to list use the form below.

Do you have a gloryhole? The busier the map is, the more horny men with balls to unload will use it. By creating a listing and sharing this page and encouraging other gloryhole owners to list too, we all win. We all get more cock!

Be one of the first to list by filling in the form below. You don't have to be a HomeGlory member to list but we'd love you to join our community. To keep updated on the progress of the map and to receive news and offers, sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of the page or follow us on twitter @HomeGloryUK


Submit a listing below to be included in the gloryhole map.

Before adding a location description - TEST IT ON GOOGLE MAPS.

Whatever you put in the location description is what google maps will use to drop your pin on the map.

No phone numbers or full addresses - you can share whatever info and content once you've connected on social media or by email.  Feel free to add kik/snapchat details.

Your listing must provide some way for searches to contact you. An email address is required. Consider also adding  twitter, kik, snapchat...The more options you give a searcher, the more likely it is that they will make contact.

All data supplied on the form below will be publicly available. In submitting a form you do so in the full knowledge of this. You can submit more than one listing if you regularly travel to different areas and have a portable gloryhole.

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