In pursuit of the perfect gloryhole.

Having thought about setting up a gloryhole for while I finally took the plunge. Having watched a lot of gloryhole sex videos on and etc... I'd seen a variety of different styles. Living in an apartment where I often have friends visit to stay over, I knew I didn't want a wooden one that would be hard to stash away when not in use or that would need me to start drilling holes in doorframes to secure the gloryhole. Neither did I want a sheet or shower curtain with a glory hole cut in it. They looked flimsy and and the flapping of the fabric often obscured the action or got in the way. If I was going to serve some hung bulls, I was going to give them something better.

My first attempt was to create something with some foam padding and some sturdy spring loaded tension rods. Having constructed it I needed to test it out. To do that I needed to find some willing bulls to help me out. I immediately turned to a UK based swingers site that is profile based. I created a pretty basic profile and put up a couple of pics of my new creation. Within hours my first visitor was letting himself in for some discreet anonymous fun at the gloryhole. My initial nerves at letting a stranger into my house were quickly dispelled as soon as I saw his cock slide through the glory hole! Bingo.

From here I used my first gloryhole for a few weeks but quickly realised it had some issues.

1. I couldn't adjust the height easily and so had to make the hole longer to accommodate short and tall visitors. This created more visibility through the hole which I wasn't keen on and I knew some visitors wouldn't be keen on.

2. The material also blocked a lot of sound. I realised very quickly that all of those moans, groans and sighs are really important communications that guide me to being able to give maximum pleasure to a visitor. The other issue I has was the noise created

3. The materials was noisy when the action got rough. The solid foam sheet made a lot of noise when a visitor was slamming his hips against it and it was quite off putting.

4. The foam material had no stretch in it so when the action got rough, it risked popping out the tension rods after a while as with each slam of hips against the fabric caused a little nudge.

From here I decided that what I needed was a gloryhole that was made of a fabric that had some stretch in it and if I was going make a portable gloryhole out of fabric then I'd need to invest in a sewing machine and learn how to use it!

Several weeks later, a lot of youtube videos and more than a few trips to the local haberdashery, I'd sewn my first gloryhole out of a stretchy neoprene material and was ready to give it a try. I instantly knew that I was heading in the right direction when my first cock slid through the hole. I'd included height adjustment sleeves and the fabric had all of the flex I needed. I could hear every whimper and moan and best of all the hole thing wrapped up into a neat bundle that could be put up and down in seconds.

During the following few months I experimented with various weights of fabrics and positions of holes and hand slots and started adding batons to the gloryhole. These are thin rods that insert above and below the hole which serve to keep the central panel nice and flat and taught.

Several months or learning new skills and making and testing 15 gloryholes, the result was a gloryhole that was very functional:

*Quick to put up and take down. It literally takes seconds.

*Assembles without a need for any permanent fixtures or drilling of holes.

*A gloryhole that is light weight and machine washable.

*A flexible fabric to absorb some of the rougher action.

*Permeable to sound to help enhance the experience (good sex is about good communication after all).

*Heigh adjustment sleeves to easily set for tall and short visitors.

*Optional hand slots for people who like their visitors to get more hands on.

*Optional batons to keep the central area flat and taught (great if you want to film).

After a bit of use it was an easy decision to make to share the creation with others and that is where started.

Gloryholes are great fun and and with very few public ones in local public toilets, home gloryholes are becoming very popular. As more people embrace more varied ways to express their sexual selves, there's a lot of fun to be had out there. Some will be happy with flimsy shower curtain and others will love the DIY challenge of creating a solid wooden gloryhole (and have the location to do this discreetly). Others will want to benefit from the lessons learned here and spend some cash to get themselves set up with a quality rig. If you want to give visitors a truly awesome experience then check out our store -

Here's what some of our customers have said.

"Our 'All Black' arrived today and we love it - the quality of workmanship, durability and finish are excellent and we're looking forward to trying it out shortly. After having to hide our wooden one under the bed in the guest room for the last 12 months, and to our horror, it being found once by a family member staying overnight, our days of having to pretend it was a collapsable beer-ping table are over! Thank you for a great product and such great and fast service."

Bi Gloryhole - Liverpool

"Bought one to use when (if) I get to travel again. Arrived faster than expected and was in a discreet box. - Tried it out in my NYC apartment with a few of my trusted repeat visitors. They LOVE it better than my wood gloryhole setup. They liked my having better access to their junk - and I was able to hear them better when they wanted to tell me to change style, slow down or speed up! I can't wait to take this on the road!! Buy one today its worth it!!!"

NYC GLORYHOLE @nycguy10036 on twitter

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