The Gloryhole Adventurer Map

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

It's here and it's live! List your gloryhole or start browsing ones near you!

Not long after starting HomeGlory, we decided we wanted to not only bring a range of quality portable gloryholes into the world, we wanted to help build a community of gloryhole enthusiasts and help people with a shared gloryhole kink connect. This blog and our members forum is part of that, as is our twitter feed @HomeGloryUK. Our latest feature is The Gloryhole Adventurer Map!

If you're someone who likes to visit gloryholes and are wondering "How do I find a gloryhole?", "Is there a gloryhole near me?" or "Where is my local gloryhole?", we want our map to be the place you go to find the answers. In embedding it in a google map that is accessed via a shareable link, we've given horny gloryhole lovers around the world a discreet and easily accessible way to explore. Simply stash the link in the depths of your smart phone (perhaps as a discreet note) or know that if you visit our map page on our website ( ), you will have access to the up to date map with all submitted listings.

You might have a few hours in your schedule and want some discreet local fun, not strings, no questions. Perhaps you have a linch break that could be a lot more interesting. You might be heading on business to another city (something that always increases my sex drive and has me feeling horny). If any of these apply and you need to attend to your needs then have a quick look and make contact with locally listed gloryholes using the details that gloryhole owners provide when they list.

This might be a discreet alt email address, a link to their twitter account or maybe their kik or snapchat handles. Full addresses or phone numbers aren't allowed to be listed, this is to protect gloryhole owners. We leave it up to them once contact has been made to decide that it's a good match and use their judgement before sharing full addresses or telephone numbers. Listings show the area or street where gloryholes are so you can know there's one close by to where you will be or want to arrange fun.

We've given horny gloryhole lovers a discreet platform to use. It's free to list and access so no awkward items appearing on bank statements or credit card bills. No need to sign up to apps and create accounts (we encourage those who list a gloryhole to provide an email address for contact and a link to their twitter accounts or other publicly accessible profiles that provide more information and content to help searchers decide it's worth making contact). It's simplicity is what will help it grow in popularity. As we get more listings we'll create more layers in the map so you can easily search for specific things (men looking to serve men , couples looking to serve men etc...). We'll also be promoting the map to get as many listings around the world as possible.

Check out the map HERE to see how it works.

If you're a gloryhole owner get your gloryhole listed! It doesn't matter if you're using a home made fabric gloryhole, a solid wooden gloryhole you've built yourself or a well crafted one from our excellent quality range (check out our SHOP!). The map is for all private gloryholes, the good, the bad and the ugly!

When you list follow these guidelines.

  • Only list if you have a private gloryhole that people can visit by arrangement.

  • Provide contact details: alternate hook up email address plus other means to communicate like kik/snapchat handles. The more options you give the more likely you'll be providing an option that works for the person looking.

  • Add other platform/profile links, preferably ones that can be accessed publicly. If searchers can see content or pictures of your gloryhole or read reviews to give them confidence that you're what they're looking for they are more likely to make contact. In the UK or are both great sites that allow you to create a profile that can be viewed by non members without needing to sign up. It's also a great place to find horny bulls who also site members. They also have a really useful review/verification feature. Check it out.

  • Provide information that will give searchers an idea of what they can expect when they visit you. Is there parking? What will they do when they arrive? What pleasures are you offering? Detail detail detail!

  • Keep it updated. If any details change then just contact us and we can update your glory hole listing.

Having listed your gloryhole, the other thing you can do to help is to share awareness of the map on any social media platforms, forums or sites where it might find interest. The more gloryholes that are listed, the more useful the map tool will become. The more useful it is the more horny bulls will use it. Share details the Gloryhole Adventurer Map and it will ensure more cock for all. It's that simple.

Like all hook ups, looking after yourself needs to be top of your agenda. Get to know people a bit once they connect with you. Trust your judgement before sharing precise address/contact details. Most people are just after some safe discreet fun themselves but always be cautious when meeting someone for the first time.

Click HERE to visit our page to list your private gloryhole.

Have fun and stay safe.

Mr HomeGlory x

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