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About Home Glory

Our Background

The owners story… 

Having watched a few gloryhole videos on twitter and seen some guys on a local swingers site hanging shower curtains and bed sheets with holes cut out I decided to make my own. With a little thought I cobbled together a gloryhole using some  foam matting and a couple of curtain rods. It did the job but I quickly realised the design and the materials presented forward a few months later where I'd bought a sewing machine, learned how to use it, experimented with various fabrics, created and tested (that was the really fun bit) at least 8 iterations and finally landed on a design which is, without modesty, bloody awesome.

I was so impressed with my ingenuity and the fun that flowed from it that I quickly realised others would also appreciate a gloryhole custom made for the job of giving and receiving pleasure. A gloryhole designed by a kinkster to enhance the pleasures of anonymous sex for those brave enough to dip their toe into the global community of gloryhole adventures. 

We... (check me saying "we", getting all professional)...we hope you’ll enjoy your purchase and have a lot of fun with it. Just as all of us are different and every member that slides through your gloryhole will be different, we want you to be able to create a very personal gloryhole. A gloryhole that has the features you want. Designed to reflect who you are and the sexual kink you're indulging. We hope you'll enjoy this site and the doors it will open. Be curious, be bold and begin exploring.

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