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The Store

The fun starts here...

Welcome to the store.  It's time to buy your gloryhole online now. Your first visitor is waiting for you to provide an awesome gloryhole setup so get on with it already!

STEP 1: Choose your base model and specify custom size if required. Read our size guide here to help determine what you need.

STEP 2: Add extra features as needed. Descriptions of each feature are on each product page. 

STEP 3: Add any accessories you might want. 

STEP 4: Pay at the checkout and well get it made to order and shipped. 


EU and International customers may have to pay local customs duty on orders. Please check and be aware of additional charges you might have to pay in your country. 

Shop: Welcome

Step 1: Choose your base model gloryhole

Step 2: Add Extra Features

Step 3: Accessories

Build your perfect gloryhole

The best gloryhole adventures are the ones that take no time at all to arrange and are great when they arrive. We want this experience to be the same. So…


If you'd like to discuss something bespoke we'd love to hear from you. Have a look at our standard design and colours and consider what it is you're after that we're not providing. When you buy your gloryhole from us we want it to be perfect. When you've gathered your thoughts drop us an email and we'll take it from there.

When we've agreed what we're going to make for you simply come back here and and we can get started.

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