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He's letting himself into your home.

If you want to give him the very best experience, you need the very best gloryhole set up. Anonymous, built for comfort and packed with great features to make it an experience that won't be a one off. Have him begging to come back for more.


Have fun exploring our website and store...

Customer Reviews


A horny couple in North West England. An All Black with baton sleeves and hand slots.

"Our 'All Black' arrived today and we love it - the quality of workmanship, durability and finish are excellent and we're looking forward to trying it out shortly. After having to hide our wooden one under the bed in the guest room for the last 12 months, and to our horror, it being found once by a family member staying overnight, our days of having to pretend it was a collapsable beer-ping table are over! Thank you for a great product and such great and fast service."    Bi Gloryhole

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About HomeGlory

The owners story… 

Having watched a few gloryhole videos on twitter and seen some guys on a local swingers site hanging shower curtains and bed sheets with holes cut out I decided to make my own. With a little thought I cobbled together a gloryhole using some  foam matting and a couple of curtain rods. It did the job but I quickly realised the design and the materials presented forward a few months later where I'd bought a sewing machine, learned how to use it, experimented with various fabrics, created and tested (that was the really fun bit) at least 8 iterations and finally landed on a design which is, without modesty, bloody awesome.

I was so impressed with my ingenuity and the fun that flowed from it that I quickly realised others would also appreciate a gloryhole custom made for the job of giving and receiving pleasure. A gloryhole designed by a kinkster to enhance the pleasures of anonymous sex for those brave enough to dip their toe into the global community of gloryhole adventurers. 

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing our website and if you purchasing a gloryhole we hope you'll have a lot of fun with it. Just as all of us are different and every member that slides through your gloryhole will be different, we've created a range of products to suit every individual. A gloryhole that has the features you want. Designed to reflect who you are and the sexual kink you're indulging. We hope you'll enjoy this site and the doors it will open. Be curious, be bold and begin exploring.

Benefits of a HomeGlory gloryhole

To attract the best visitors and keep them coming back, you need the best kit.

Ease of use

Why buy a gloryhole online when you can get the toolbox out and build something with some heavy slabs of wood that will take 10 minutes to put up and down and that doesn’t quite fit behind the wardrobe when the friends and family come visiting? Err....Or maybe a crudely hung shower curtain with a hole in it? No thank you. Your visitors deserve better and if you want them to return we think you should give them the best. We designed, tested and redesigned to get this just perfect. One of our main aims was for it to be super quick to assemble and easy to pack away or take with you on your travels (we think you should definitely get Hilton points when you stay in a hotel and bring your pop up gloryhole to help entertain the other horny guests). It’s takes seconds to assemble and take down and leaves no trace that it was ever there when it’s snugly packed away into the back of a wardrobe or cupboard.  It's treated with a fabric guard so minor spills and marks can be wiped away easily.

Designed for a hot time in comfort

We've thought a lot about the design and the features that some people might want when they buy a gloryhole. Remember, this product was born out of a gloryhole fans personal use, so we understand the things that make a great visit, one that will will encourage repeat visits. Comfort is one thing. The chap sliding through the hole shouldn't have to stand on tiptoes, bend their knees or arch their back to get through the hole. Very uncomfortable after a few minutes. The hole gives a 20 cm range but the height adjustment sleeves give you another 10cm. Basically visitors between 5'5" and 6'6" are going to be very comfortable. It's been designed to accommodate a small gap at the bottom when set up. This allows the person sliding through to position their toes under a little. This means they can stand in comfort and balance at your glory hole. This is important. Give them a comfortable and very horny time and they'll keep coming back for more. 

The bottom tension bar can also be positioned midway to conceal the hole if your visitor would like to sit in a chair or on a stool as you service them. The hanging fabric simply sits above their crotch, maintaining anonymity. You can also configure the gloryhole for doggy style play by adjusting the lower tension bar to create an appropriate sized gap a the bottom. Also a great configuration for someone who wants an anonymous spanking. When you buy a gloryhole online from us, you get a portable and versatile piece of equipment to help you have some thrilling sex adventures.  

The fabric...

Our gloryholes are made from a a polyester spandex blend for durability, ease of cleaning and the way they carry sound. Hearing the reactions of the person on the other side of your gloryhole is really important. All sex is about good communication and gloryhole sex is no exception. 

The fabric is silky smooth and rolls up or folds away to a small bundle. The stretch in the fabric helps absorb any of the roughness that might be involved in your gloryhole play. The fabric also comes in a range of great colours for you to choose from. Go for something discreet or stand out from the crowd with something bold. 


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