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HomeGlory Welcomes You

Your adventure is about to begin

How to set up your portable gloryhole.

We've put a lot of thought into the design of your gloryhole and its features. Here's a quick demo on setting it up.

Some advice to help you get started

Congratulations and welcome to the HomeGlory family! We can’t wait to hear and see all about your gloryhole adventures. Before you get started here’s a few quick instructions. 

As you’ve gathered from our online store, the HomeGlory is designed to be quick and easy to set up and take down. 

Setting up your HomeGlory

To begin with remove all of the packaging. 

Twist the tension rods so they are approximately 2 to 3 cm wider than the width of the door frame or hallway where you intend to position your gloryhole. 

Insert one of the tension rods into one of the top sleeves (there are three for additional height adjustment when setting up within a door frame. Use the lowest one for really tall visitors, this will effectively raise the height from the hole). Position the rod at an angle in the gap you’re intending to fill with your gloryhole with one end near the top of the gap and the other end lower. Slide the lower end upwards and the rod will tension by way of the spring that is loaded into it. If it feels like it needs to be more secure widen the rod a little bit more. Making them too long for the width of your door way or hallway and then forcing them into place will damage the internal mechanism so please avoid this. 

Insert the batons into the baton sleeves above and below the hole. These will keep the central area nice and taught and stop the fabric flapping. You can just use one sleeve if you wish. I’d go for the top one. 

Insert the lower tension rod and secure it in the same way you did the top one. 

Push the tension rods up or down a little to get the desired tension in the fabric. 

Smooth out the material along the top and bottom rods, starting in the middle and pushing and equal amount of fabric to each side. 

You’re all set to play. 

To dismantle your portable gloryhole simply remove the bottom tension rod and then the top one. Roll it all up and stash it in the back of a wardrobe, in a cupboard or under the bed. It is better to roll the fabric rather than fold it. This leaves it primed and ready for action so it can be assembled again in less than 20 seconds. 

If you bought a heavy duty tension rod with your purchase, use this at the top to secure the gloryhole.  These work largely the same, you just need to remove the end caps to slide the bar through the sleeve. 

Top Tips:

  • When installing your portable gloryhole in a door frame, ensure the top tension rod is positioned at the top of the frame to prevent visitors from wrapping their hands around the bar and pulling it down. This will also ensure there is a useful small gap at the bottom for visitors to put their feet under so they can stand comfortably in balance. 

  • You may want to consider buying a can of spray on stainguard (the same that is used for sofa upholstery) so you can wipe up minor messes.  For more serious messes wash on a delicate 30 degree wash with a little detergent. Put it on a rinse cycle afterwards then hang it to dry. Retreat with spray on stainguard after a wash.

  • If using lube during your gloryhole adventures, water based lubricant is recommended and should wipe away easily if not left too long. Silicon lubricant tends to cut through the stainguard and may mark some fabrics. 

Now that you've got your new gloryhole, do consider listing it on our google map. We promote the map to hot bulls, travelling business men and kinksters who are looking to get off. Check it out here.

Don’t forget to activate your guarantee here. See our FAQ page for more details. 

Have fun! 

Please consider leaving us a testimonial  if you’re happy with your new portable gloryhole and the service you have received from us. 


As you play with your new toy and have what we hope will be some thrilling and safe adventures, consider any ways we could improve the product and get in touch with us. We want feedback from our customers to drive the success of HomeGlory. 


If you record your exploits and share them online, please tag us on Twitter so we can help others see the benefits and fun times that await them if they join this growing community. If you like to keep a written account of your adventures or have some thoughts or advice about anything to do with gloryholes, please do share on our Forum.

All the best in your gloryhole adventures and stay safe !

HG x

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