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Black and White? Not likely. It's in the shades of grey that we usually have the most fun.

Just as every visitor to your glory hole is different, those of us who choose to buy a glory hole or make a glory hole ourselves so we can enjoy the thrills of some anonymous fun, are all very different. I posted a recent poll on twitter asking what people were primarily after when they invited people to their glory hole. 62% said they were primarily after just giving a blowjob. 4% were primarily after just being fucked and the remaining 34% wanted to do what the visitor wants. A clear majority of cocksuckers eager to get down to action but the numbers invite some reflection on the motivations and pleasures of those that decide to buy a glory hole or ask themselves "how to make a glory hole?" and come up with a creative solution.

Like many aspects of life and particularly peoples sex lives, there are very few black and white issues. What underpins peoples pleasure when servicing a cock at a glory hole will be very different. For some it will be the physical pleasure they receive from sucking on a nice juicy one, and for fewer people it seems, taking a good fuck is what it's all about. For others, glory hole fun will be more bound up in the satisfaction that comes from servicing another and knowing you've done a good job. I've chatted to quite a few people about their glory hole experiences and for many it's not about their pleasure (I guess that accounts for the 34% of glory hole fun seekers mentioned above). For them it's about giving service and doing what the visitor wants. Seeing a cock slide through and giving it and the visitor attached to it every pleasure and satisfaction is a thrill. Especially so when your efforts are met with verbal encouragement and feedback. "Best blowjob ever!", "So better than my wife!", "God I needed that." and my personal favourite to hear "Such a good cocksucker!". For these folk, using a glory hole as a frame to focus their efforts and to provide the anonymity their visitor needs create a very intimate moment of service. Hearing every reaction of pleasure, feeling the hardness that communicates the pleasure being experienced. For many of these people glory hole sex definitely involves entering into a submissive head space and I know from my own experiences and chatting to others that sometimes my own arousal seems less of a concern to me than the importance of giving pleasure to my visitor.

But this isn't the case for all. Like I said, nothing is black and white when it comes to sex and certainly not glory hole sex.

Chatting to one of HomeGlory's members, a wonderful married lady who's leading the way with posts on the forum, she gave me a new perspective. Her and her husband enjoy glory hole fun at home and when they travel for naughty weekends away. Her husband clearly enjoys watching his wife service other men but for her the sexual experience is one of power. She feels in control and empowered to indulge anonymously in enjoying a mans cock for her own pleasure while at the same time knowing she is turning on her husband enormously. One of the extra options when you buy a glory hole online in our store is to include hand slots for the visitor to take control of your hips or your head. Would she want such a feature? I very much doubt it (correct me if wrong in the comments !). Power and control are a big part of the charm of glory hole sex for her. She chooses who, when, where and she's in control of how. I'm pretty confident more adventurous couples will soon start to engage in the forum and follow their lead in indulging in some glory hole play of their own. By all accounts their home made gloryhole seems to be a favourite feature of swinging parties. Taboos around men enjoying glory holes have never been too prevalent but for a women to enjoy to pleasures of anonymous glory hole sex seems to attract judgement. Woman likes cock! Stop the press! I think the planet would be far less populous if women didn't enjoy cock. Keep leading the charge on the sexual liberation front ladies! Your work is not finished yet and perhaps, sadly, never will be. I feel this subject will warrant its very own blog post soon.

I've learned that a popular search term people use when browsing google for some sexual inspiration is "glory hole fun". Makes sense to me because glory holes are a lot of fun. If you've never experienced it, take note from this little ramble. There's more than meets the eye and the motivations and pleasures are as varied when engaging with glory hole sex, just as they are with any other kind of sex or human activity.

Try it. You might like it.


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GloryHole Ann
GloryHole Ann
31. Okt. 2020

Thanks for the mention TCH.

I do find writing about my GloryHole experiences fun, and to be honest a bit 'sexy’, but also perhaps that I can show other girls that there is nothing 'wrong' with enjoying GloryHole Cock !

It would be great if there was a more accepting and diverse audience out there, who could be encouraged that GloryHoles are not the exclusive domain of the male Gay scene, but are an erotic, liberating and safe way of the fairer sex having fun, and doing so without any of the social ritual and baggage that can sometimes involve.

So, as far as GloryHoles are concerned . . . . .

'What's good for the goose, is good for…

Gefällt mir
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