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This month for The Hole Truth, we caught up with the delightful @Leathervers. Recently moved to Dallas, he’s already a hit with the local bulls needing some discreet and anonymous gloryhole fun but there’s a lot more to this man than having the skills to provide head to thirsty cowboys… read on and enjoy. x

@HomeGloryUK: So let’s start with your Twitter handle. @Leathervers. Into leather and versatile when it comes to sex. This should be no surprise to anyone who has trawled your Twitter feed. Give us three more words that describe you….

@Leathervers: I think I’m relaxed and easy going and I would say that even relates to my sexual activities too. I don’t tend to put a hole lot of planning into hooking up with others or have a rigid form it has to take. I kind of let it freely flow as it’s happening. It is nice to have an idea going into a situation especially if you’re going to bottom but sometimes things just naturally flow and move in that direction so yes I’m pretty relaxed.

@HomeGloryUK: Relaxed then. Two more words that describe you?

@Leathervers: Can I relate it to two passions I have?

@HomeGloryUK: Absolutely you can.

@Leathervers: So the two things I get most enjoyment out of are road travels in a motorhome and motorcycle riding. I belong to a RV group and a motorcycle group and do a lot of camping trips and group motorcycle rides and I enjoy those a lot.

@HomeGloryUK: So let’s take Relaxed - Camping - Biker as three words that describe you. I like that combination. Onto gloryholes then…what was your first gloryhole experience?

@Leathervers: I’m 52 so that’s going back a while now. I think the first one was probably at a bookstore. At that time I lived in New England, in a state called New Hampshire. It was a small little town but there was a bookstore there that had gloryholes between the video viewing rooms and I started getting into that and realised just how much I liked it. I think some of the draw that I had to it initially was that a lot of the people visiting the bookstore and video booths were married men who were very curious and wanting to explore and have a bit of fun on the side. It was very exciting being on both sides of the gloryhole in those situations.

@HomeGloryUK: Were you nervous the first time you went into the bookstore?

@Leathervers: Yes because I didn’t know the drill. I didn’t know how things were supposed to work or how you were supposed to act and this particular bookstore actually had an attendant that was there all the time. He’d make sure there was no one standing round and would throw people out if they were just loitering but at the same time it allowed it to feel safe. Some bookstores are pretty seedy but this one was really nice and clean. Literally every time a booth emptied, the attendant would go in with a mop and take away any trash before letting another person go into it.

@HomeGloryUK: We don’t have bookstores like that in the UK. There’s some cruise clubs in some of the bigger cities now but nothing like the network of adult bookstores that seems to exist across the US.

Do you like to have regulars visiting your gloryhole or do you appreciate the variety of people that slide through the hole?

@Leathervers: I definitely appreciate the variety. I think there’s no two dicks the same. They’re all different. Everyone uses them differently. Some people are shy some are verbal…so I like that that variety. There are certain ones that I invite for repeats. Also sometimes we’ll end up expanding beyond the gloryhole. I had one recently who had been over a couple of times to use the gloryhole and he knew from my twitter feed that I had a motorcycle in the garage and he wanted to get blown on the motorcycle so I let him sit on the motorcycle and gave him a blowjob. That was the first time we met face to face. He had a really nice dick so that’s why it had repeated a few times.

@HomeGloryUK: What sites or apps work best for you when looking for men to visit your gloryhole or to put it another way, what sites do you think work best for men who want to find a gloryhole?

@Leathervers: I find there’s variety in all of it. Somedays I’ll have multiple apps going and something posted and get nothing on one app one day and get two or three hits on another, then the very next day it flip flops. I haven’t found there’s an actual site that’s good for it. I do like the fact that on you are able to set your status as “hosting a gloryhole” and you can post bulletin board type messages that you’re hosting a gloryhole. When I post a message on Sniffies I give a nearby location, usually a nearby intersection which people would be familiar with which means I’m not bothered by messages from people miles away who have no intention of coming over.

@HomeGloryUK: So isn’t very well established in the UK at the minute. How does it differ from something like Grindr?

@Leathervers: Are you familiar with BBRT?

@HomeGloryUK: Yes

@Leathervers: I’d term Sniffies as if Grindr and BBRT got together and had a child, it would be . It combines the two in terms or being much more sexually orientated like BBRT and people on there are generally not after chit chat. They’re looking to hook up. Pre-pandemic their strap-line used to be “Where hookups happen”. They obviously changed it during the pandemic and toned it down. It has the geo-location feature that you get on Grindr and you can see on a map where you are and where people are in relation to you but unlike Grindr it’s not a casual platform, It’s not for chit chat. You don’t need a face pic, you don’t need any pic. You can even have a dick pic as a profile picture. All those things that aren’t allowed on Grindr are allowed on Sniffies.

My experience so far using it in the United States is that it definitely depends where you are. It’s very active in major cities but rural areas aren’t that great. I have a camp I go to about an hour outside of Houston and when I’m there I’m the only dot in the area but if I go on Grindr I can have people fairly close by. It doesn’t have the volume of users that some other apps have but in urban areas it’s pretty good.

So, BBRT…Grindr is probably my next best one. I keep my regular profile. There was a time when I kept two different profiles, one of which I remained anonymous on which was for the gloryhole and the other was more personal but now I just use my regular profile. I personally prefer the anonymity when I don’t know who it is who’s coming to the gloryhole. I’m not sure people coming to the gloryhole have that same desire, probably some do, but I find I get more activity when I’m exposing who I am behind the gloryhole. People are a lot more interested as opposed to just a blank profile type thing.

@HomeGloryUK: How long do you like a gloryhole session to last?

@Leathervers: Well are we taking session as in how long I’ll be hosting a gloryhole for or a meet with one person?

@HomeGloryUK: One person.

@Leathervers: On average I’d say about 5 minutes is good. When it starts to get a little long it gets a little tiring. The jaw starts to hurt, the knees start to hurt. I moved to Dallas about two months ago. Before that I was in Austin, Texas. And I had two instances in both places where I had a line of people. The Austin one I had five people and in Dallas I had four. Trying to suck off five guys one after the other, kneeling on a tile floor…I enjoyed every second of it and don’t regret it but when the last guy left I was done for the day! Of course I’ve had the opposite too where I’ve gone down a couple of times and the guy it literally shooting his load seconds after sliding his dick thorough the gloryhole. I don’t mind a short minute or two meet but when’s it’s a few seconds it’s like…that was a lot of work for not much fun.

@HomeGloryUK: What is about gloryhole fun specifically that you enjoy compared to other aspects of your sex life?

@Leathervers: I think I enjoy the anonymity of it. I don’t want to know who’s on the other side. I want to have roughly an idea in terms of stats: rough age, body type. Rarely do I have no idea whatsoever. Generally I want to know that they’re not underage or old to the point they’re about to enter a nursing home. I also want to know they’re not really heavy set. I have nothing against heavy set guys and my personal type is for a much beefier guy with a nice belly but if someone is really heavy set with a big belly it makes it really hard to give a standing up blowjob at a gloryhole, it just doesn’t work that well.

@HomeGloryUK: Do you ever get guys visiting who get curious to reciprocate at the gloryhole and is that something you’re open to?

@Leathervers: I do get that. Also some people messaging wanting to know if they can just suck me. In terms of reciprocation I’d say 85% of the time I’m like…no, I’m just up for sucking but on occasion I don’t mind a bit of back and forth. Generally if I’ve posted about hosting at my gloryhole, I’m in the mood to suck and Im not looking for head. When I want head at a gloryhole I generally go looking for head at other peoples gloryholes.

@HomeGloryUK: Do you consider sucking cock at a gloryhole a submissive activity?

@Leathervers: Not at all. Dom/sub interactions are power exchanges and with my gloryhole I feel like I have the control. I set the stage and orchestrate the scene. I put it out there online that I am open and that I am wanting to service cock. I screen for cock that I want to take in my mouth and I provide him with my instructions for parking and finding the glory hole within my home. Once it's at my glory hole, it's up to me how to service him. By sensing how I am pleasuring him and by which techniques, I control how quickly he releases. I can edge him and get him to bust when I’m satisfied and ready to receive it.

@HomeGloryUK: I think this is quite a common take on it that a lot of gloryhole hosts will relate too. Looking at your Twitter feed, I can see that sometimes you like to go and setup your gloryhole in a motel? Do you find motels a good place to connect with horny men looking for anonymous gloryhole fun?

@Leathervers: I do. There’s a couple of advantages to it, a lot of the times I’m in a motel, it’s because I’m visiting a new area. Whenever you travel anywhere you’re always fresh meat to the locals so that generates interest and visitors. Also for a lot of people just looking to quickly get off, a motel is right on the Highway on the way back from work, its close by..easy in, easy out. I definitely look for motels that are conducive to that, meaning you don’t need a room key to get into the elevators or anything to access the room and just walk in to find the gloryhole.

@HomeGloryUK: How do you ensure your safety when inviting strangers into your home/motel room for anonymous gloryhole sex?

@Leathervers: That’s a good thing to point out and to reflect on. By nature I’m generally a very trusting person and I like to assume that most people are good people but there are a few people out there looking to take advantage of the situation.

I’m not worried about personal items. Where I have my gloryhole set up means they don’t have access to any of my belongings in the area they have access to. My setup here in Dallas, they come in and the gloryhole is right there. They have hardly any access to the house at all. If anything I’m more concerned with physical safety rather than my items and that’s probably because a good friend of mine who hosts a gloryhole and had invade a guy over. Two guys turned up and what came through the hole was two guns. Essentially they robbed him for roughly15-20 minutes. It hasn’t stopped him from doing gloryholes, he’s back into it and they caught one of the people and he had to go to court and do the whole thing but you know, those instances are rare and we can’t live life based on those rare instances. Out of a thousand gloryhole encounters, 999 of them are without incident. I feel like I’m not ever going to get a situation where I’d get really harmed, it’s possible…but I also think I live life young at heart and have that feeling of being untouchable and will also be able to fend for myself and look after myself in most situations.

@HomeGloryUK: An optimistic outlook on life. Do any of the sites or apps that you use to find guys have a review or verification feature that can help you see that people are genuine based on the past hookups they’ve had. I think has something like this.

@Leathervers: Yes I think Squirt has but I’m not active on there. When it comes to about 30-40% or profiles are anonymous profiles. They’re literally throwaway profiles. To use Sniffies you don’t need actually need a login. You can just put your date of birth in and start. You essentially have a profile for your session. When you log off it disappears. That would be hard to do on there. Grindr and Scruff don’t have that sort of thing. Twitter can be good for getting a sense of someone. You can chat and connect with people who look fun to play with, particularly if they’re posting their own content. You can gauge your compatibility with someone when you can see them in action on their Twitter feed and often just know you’ll get along and have a great session.

@HomeGloryUK: Have you ever had any funny or weird experiences when enjoying gloryhole fun?

@Leathervers: I had one instance in July of this year. It was the first time I’d setup a gloryhole in Dallas. I had the whole fresh meat, new town thing going on so a lot of hits and activity. Some of those hits don’t follow through and some do. I don’t mind overbooking because some are going to show and some aren’t. Some will be early, some will be an hour late…trying to schedule things just isn’t going to work sometimes. So I had multiple people showing up at the gloryhole and the guy who was there when the next guy walked in, freaked out, pulled out and zipped up. The guy who had just walked in left and so my first guy unzipped again and started letting me blow him again and then somebody else walked in…..he just went off and started yelling at me about having all these people over, how he wanted to remain private…I’ve not had that happen to me before. I’ve had people who aren’t interested in sharing the gloryhole but he flipped out to the point where I was a little nervous.

It’s interesting what people are into in. I’m thinking about an add I posted on Sniffies a while back. I’d just had a guy at the gloryhole, filmed it and posted it to Twitter right away. I then posted an ad on Sniffies saying..”Just video’d this session, check it out. I’m looking for other people who might want their cock exposed on video.” I got hit up a lot! It triggered something in a lot of people who were interested in getting their dick worshipped on film.

@HomeGloryUK: Anyone looking at your Twitter feed will see quickly that gloryhole fun is just one aspect of your sex life, tell us more about what you enjoy and what turns you on? What other kinks do you enjoy?

@Leathervers: I enjoy a little bit of bondage. I don’t think I’ve done a whole lot of that on video at this point. I’m probably more the dominant in that situation where I like to tie someone up, not that I’m opposed to being tied up my self. It has happened previously but no that often. So I enjoy a bit of bondage, tying someone up, restraint…having one person take control. It’s not necessarily the person being restrained is the bottom in the situation. I have a video I have yet to post that I filmed with my boyfriend where I tied him up and essentially used him like a dildo. He was blindfolded and tied up so he couldn’t move and I just used his dick for my pleasure.

@HomeGloryUK: Well he sounds like a lucky man! You’re obviously comfortable without anonymity on your Twitter and Justfor.Fans feeds. Have you always been comfortable in this way and what allows you to be comfortable sharing your very hot sex life with the world?

@Leathervers: Initially I was not that way. It’s not a brand new development but something I don’t try to hide as much as I used to. I think a lot of that has to do with experience and getting older. When you get older you start giving less of a shit about things. I used to be nervous about showing myself on videos and being critiqued.

I had an opportunity to do a porn once and had signed up for it and signed a contract and everything and the day before the shoot I backed out of it and the main reason was that I got too worried about how friends would see that and see me in action. All I could think about was a person I knew who’d done porn that I’d watched. There was a scene where he was topping and he looked like he was jogging. His arms were swinging back and forth like he was jogging and that’s all I could think about and couldn’t get past it. So that held me back. I didn’t want to be judged in that way and have some silly move that someone was going to pick up on and always remember we for.

But as you get older you don’t care about that stuff anymore. Over the years I’ve definitely found more acceptance for myself and a love for myself. I’m good enough for whatever and I’m caring less about what other people think and their opinions. You can’t be all things to everybody. It’s a no win situation trying. Some people I’m going to be too heavy set for, for some too skinny, too old, too young….you can’t try to judge yourself through other peoples eyes. Once you really get acceptance with that, there’s less of a hesitancy about putting a face and video out there.

@HomeGloryUK: Having made that decision to put content out there, what sort of reaction have you had? I suspect you’ve had a lot of positive comments from people who have been appreciating you and the content you’re putting out there.

@Leathervers: Yeah so I do get comments on it, both locally and when I go out somewhere, people have started picking up on it. I have a camp down in Houston where I keep my camper. It’s a gay male, clothing optional campground. So I can be in the pool and people will talk about my Twitter and if there’s someone new there, others will be like “You need to check out his Twitter, it’s really hot!”. There’s a permanent resident there that made the comment to me that my Twitter was really hot and he said “You are a high content producer.” And I’m like…”You mean I’m a whore!” And he was like “Yeah, but high content producer sounds much better than being a whore”.

@HomeGloryUK: I like it! It’s a good reframe.

@Leathervers: This particular campground, I mean they have outdoor slings, they have fuck benches…so anyone at that campground…..

@HomeGloryUK: They’ve embraced their inner whore.

@Leathervers: Exactly!

@HomeGloryUK: We’re very grateful you decide to buy one of our gloryholes but why did you decide to buy a gloryhole?

@Leathervers: I’d done gloryholes previously and used a sheet or a curtain. They do the job and they’re effective but they do look home-made and it’s hard with certain fabrics that can be see through if you’re backlit. I did use a blackout curtain for a while which worked OK. I heard about HomeGlory on Twitter. Someone replied to one of my videos and suggested that I should get one. It was an investment. It’s not an inexpensive item but it’s quality. I feel I’ve gotten my monies worth out of it and feel it is fairly priced from that aspect. I enjoy it, I love it, I use it all the time. I can just take it and throw it in the wash and it comes out looking brand new. I’m very happy with the product.

@HomeGloryUK: Well that’s the sort of feedback we love to hear! In term of other Twitter users, who makes content that you really enjoy?

@Leathervers: There is one Twitter user I follow quite a bit. I actually found him on another platform originally, I can’t recall which one.

He’s on all kinds of social media. He’s a bi man, married with a wife. Big, beefy, muscular, tatted. He’s the only man that I’ve paid to see more of on OnlyFans. Check him out.

@HomeGloryUK: I loved the message one of your bulls sent after you drained him which you posted on Twitter. It went “Cool Man. I’ll have your number saved in my phone as Hot Mouth Stud.”. What other sort of feedback do you get?

@Leathervers: I do get a lot of feedback either in terms of how much they liked it or them wanting to come visit again. I’ve had people who have been gone 10 minutes and are messaging again to come back because they’re still horny and enjoyed it so much. That’s always great feedback.

@HomeGloryUK: You have a boyfriend currently. Tell us about that relationship. Do you enjoy gloryhole play together?

@Leathervers: We met a year ago this month so it hasn’t been that long. We met Halloween of last year. I was very attracted to him immediately. He actually came with a friend of mine to the campground where I have my camper at. He was supposed to be staying with my friend on their couch (there was nothing going on between them). So within a half hour of meeting him I said “Rather than their couch, like you can just stay with me in my camper…”

@HomeGloryUK: Smooth

@Leathervers: *laughs* …Yeah and he spent the whole weekend there with me and we hit it off but at the same time we took things really slow at the beginning for the first 4 or 5 months. We didn’t get together very often but we would talk to each other every day via text, just quick texts back and forth and just let it slowly…organically grow.

But I knew from that very first night. The next morning he left my camper to go to his friends camper to pick up his duffel bag and I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and I’m like “I just met my future husband.”, I just knew. It wasn’t like this La La love thing, it was just a gut feeling of this was going to be something significant. But even feeling that way we took it really really slow for the first four or five months. I don't think we even saw each other for a month after that. I think when things really picked up steam for the two of us was when he had come down to camp with me for a weekend that was called Fetish Weekend and we went and played together at fetish weekend in the outdoor play area. The first night I had a lot of fun, he didn't have a whole lot of fun. The second night I went out for a little while and just wasn't feeling it, I just wasn't in the mood. I went back to the camper and got into bed and started watching Netflix and he began noticing that I wasn't around so he came back to the camper to check on me and I told him I just wasn't feeling it and I was happy to just lay here in the camper and watch Netflix and he started to take off his kilt (did I not mention he was wearing a kilt) as if to get into bed with me and I was like “It doesn't mean you can't play. If you're horny and into it and are having fun, like go do it!” and he did he went off, and came back to the camper later and actually brought someone back that he knew I was really into so we had a session, a threesome there… but he came back to the camper and was super happy, he was like “I topped 10 bottoms tonight!” . He was excited about it.

That was the turning point for us. We realised we worked well together and things suddenly started clicking at that point. We got together much more and then I moved in with him here in Dallas in August, which for a relationship which started slowly it's probably moved very rapidly as we're just coming up on a year since we met. I would say it's a relationship that's full of respect, both of us are happy when each other are happy. He's not as playful as I am, he needs to establish a connection with people. He needs to talk with somebody and get a little thing going before he can even think about inviting someone over. Whereas I can be like “Do you wanna fuck? Yes, OK, here’s my address.” It can go real fast for me. So we operate differently in that respect but he enjoys my videos, he looks forward to those videos, he's happy that I'm happy. When it comes to the gloryhole and doing it together, we have not ever done it together and that's because he's not really into the gloryhole thing because he's not into that anonymous scene. He needs to get connections going so it's just not his type of thing. He likes watching the videos and he likes to check them out but it's not something we do together and I don't ever see us doing it together. It’s just not who he is and that’s cool.

@HomeGloryUK: What advice would you give to someone who is considering setting up their own gloryhole?

@Leathervers: Uummm… buy your product!


@HomeGloryUK: Thank you!

@Leathervers: It makes a huge difference. I would rate your gloryholes as a professional type gloryhole. You feel good behind it which makes a big difference. For the person coming in, it’s not just a shabby old sheet that someone’s put a hole in and it makes them feel better…I think it’s a better experience for both sides of the gloryhole. So I guess if you're thinking about it and have never done it try sheet and if you like the experience, throw that sheet away within a week and get something better!

@HomeGloryUK: For the record, readers should know I didn’t pay him to say any of that but we can’t think of a better answer! …. If someone is visiting Dallas, after they’ve visited your gloryhole, what should be next on their itinerary of must visit things?

@Leathervers: We actually have some really good playgroups here in Dallas, that’s one thing I've enjoyed here. There is Cum-Union Dallas which just started up last month. I have not been to one here yet as it's just restarting up after the pandemic. The other one which I've been to multiple times and really enjoy is a

group called The Private Playground. They host parties every other week which are themed. Most of the time they are held in a warehouse space that they rent and you get 50 or 60 guys each time. The themes are things like Horse Market, Maze, Lights Out…. Pool Parties where members will volunteer to host a party at their outdoor pools and around the pool they'll put like the slings and fuck benches. They even had the Czech style fuck holes where you put your legs through and they get restrained up and there’d nothing but your ass sticking out there….that was kind of neat being outside. I was on one side of that by myself and it was quiet out there, I could hear the music, and people talking and fucking on the other side…but it was just me alone on my side, staring up at the stars as I kept feeling people come up stick their dick in me and pump it a few times and walk away only to feel someone else take their place and I’m just laying there looking at the stars. It was great!

@HomeGloryUK: Okay Dallas is rapidly moving up my list of places to visit! If you could click your heels three times and be anywhere on he planet right now, where would you go?

@Leathervers: Provincetown Bear Week

@HomeGloryUK: Ah yes, again its on the To Do List!

@Leathervers: I’ve been twelve times but it has been six years since I’ve been last so I’m overdue a visit. I hope to make it part of the itinerary for next year.

@HomeGloryUK: You mentioned Netflix earlier on what is your current TV obsession?

@Leathervers: Ted Lasso is definitely up there, I enjoy watching that quite a bit. The Morning Show…Only Murders in this Building…oh and I’ve been binging Halloween Baking Championship just because I have a friend that’s on it and its been enjoyable watching him on that as well as reading his Facebook posts about some of the behind the scenes stuff and photos.

@HomeGloryUK: Share with us a skill you have that none of your Twitter followers know about.

@Leathervers: So sticking with the baking theme I love to bake and am mildly talented at it. I like bringing the dish to the party that everyone wants the recipe for... especially when it's something common like chocolate chip cookies that everyone has had before, but mine cause someone to go "Dude! I need your recipe for these”.

@HomeGloryUK: I think some shots of you jocked and harnessed up, sat on your motorcycle munching on chocolate chip cookies would get a great response by your Twitter followers!….

I’m very appreciative of a good beard, as many of your followers surely are too. Any tips for good beard maintenance for the world out there?

@Leathervers: Get a professional trim! I have trimmed my own recently and I’m not happy with it. I took a bit too much of the sides. I’ve not been to a professional since the pandemic started but prior to that I would have it professionally done. Last time I looked in the mirror I was like “I really need to get back to a professional groomer.”

@HomeGloryUK: I couldn’t agree more about getting it done professionally. Well, thank you so much for giving up your time today for this conversation. I know those who check in on our blog will love getting more of an insight into who you are and why you enjoy gloryholes. I also have to say keep making such great content. It’s hot and so are you!

@Leathervers: I hope I’m interesting to your readers.

@HomeGloryUK: I know you’re going to be. Stay safe and take care!

Well that was a thoroughly enjoyable conversation with @Leathervers. Such a nice man and so open and willing to share his thoughts on his various kinks. We hope you’ve enjoyed this second interview. Please do comment on the interview. We'd love to hear if you're enjoying these!

If you haven’t read our first one with @PhatYTass, check it out. Next month we’ll be hopping back across the Atlantic to the UK to catch up with the ever horny @SS19APR for more gloryhole truth. Not just any gloryhole truth mind you, The Hole Truth!



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