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@HomeGloryUK: Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed for The Hole Truth. We love the content you've been sharing on and we suspect many of those who are enjoying your content will enjoy getting to know more about you and your experiences.

I suppose a good way to start is to ask you what your first gloryhole experience was?

@SS19APR: When I bought yours! So I got the keys to my first property in February and I was watching something on Twitter and I mean I’ve seen gloryholes before so I knew what they were but I’ve never been to a Sauna, I’ve never been near a gloryhole in my life and I was looking at this video on twitter and started googling “how to make your own gloryhole” thinking that I live by myself, I might get was just after lockdown so things were starting to lift a bit. I said to myself, I live in a really nice area, I wonder how a gloryhole would do around here? I kept browsing and that’s when I found your website.

I was with a good friend at work and she saw what I was looking at and asked me what it was so I explained it to her (she knew what it was) and I said I might buy one to see what it’s like… so I did! I bought it in May of this year but didn’t actually use it for a month. It was just in my wardrobe and then one day I was like..I haven’t used it yet! I wonder how popular it would be? I don’t know if you know and

@HomegloryUK: Yes we know them well!

@SS19APR: So I have accounts on both of them and I thought I’d just put a message on there saying I have a gloryhole if anyone is interested and put OX12 on there too which is the first part of my postcode. Within an hour I had 35 messages! It was just crazy. I didn’t know there was so many sexually frustrated people in my area! It was brilliant and just went from there. I added my details to your gloryhole map and I was ready for action.

@HomegloryUK: How did you find that first time then as a stranger let themselves into your home?

@SS19APR: Really nervous! You know, living by myself, it was a complete stranger. I mean I’ve done the whole Grindr meets, Fabswingers/Fabguys meets, no faces sort of thing which is fine but giving a man a blowjob is the thing that turns me on the most. I get more turned on by that than getting fucked or anything I did the first meet, married guy of course, because most of them are...they’re always “oh I’m married, I don’t like men” and I’m like “Listen, I’m not here to out people or bothered about your sexuality, I just like doing what I want to do to you!”... so it kind of went from there. I was nervous and still do get nervous. I get that sick, excited feeling in my stomach every time I arrange a meet. I remember hearing my door open that first time as I was behind the gloryhole. I didn’t film that first one. I remember just being very excited. He was nervous but it was great. I loved it and after that first one I was like, right! Let's do this! I created a separate Grindr profile for just the gloryhole fun but I tend to get more from my profile. Most of my meets are straight guys, married guys or guys with girlfriends who’s partners don’t like to give oral sex. That’s where most of them come from.

@HomegloryUK: I think that’s pretty common. In terms of and, what do you find the difference between them?

@SS19APR: Fabswingers is straight lads, Fabguys they tend to be gay. Fabswingers it’s always the straight guys, married guys or guys with girlfriends.

@HomegloryUK: When you’ve made contact with someone, what information do you give to them ahead of their first visit to your gloryhole?

@SS19APR: So location, my flat number. I let them know the door will be unlocked, where the gloryhole is once they come in. I have hand sanitiser set out and let them know this. The brilliant thing about your gloryholes is you can set them up for standing, sitting down or kneeling so I sort that with them. I’ve only ever done one sitting down meet, most of the guys just want to walk in, unzip, unload and go which is even better for me. The good thing about your map is that it’s really accurate. I live in a new build and it’s a nightmare as my postcode doesn’t come up on SatNav. Initially I had lads messaging me saying they were outside my flat when in fact they were nowhere near me.

@HomegloryUK: Yes, our map is pretty handy, especially if when you list your gloryhole you drop a pin on google maps to your location and copy the coordinates and use them for your listing.

@SS19APR: That’s what I’ve done now and also on my Grindr profiles and Fab profiles, in my saved phrases I give them the postcode but also the google maps coordinates. Works every single time.

@HomegloryUK: What Three Words is another useful one.

@SS19APR: Yes I downloaded that too.

@HomegloryUK: All bases covered!

@SS19APR: I laughed when I saw the adverts saying you can use it in emergencies. I like to consider myself an emergency service!

@HomegloryUK: I think cruisers are quickly cottoning on to What Three Words.

@SS19APR: Oh god yes. It’s brilliant.

@HomegloryUK: Serving many purposes! So looking at your Twitter feed, you seem to have a lot of regulars. Do you prefer regulars or first time visitors?

@SS19APR: Yes I have quite a few regulars. I’ve been a bit unwell this last week and if I’m not meeting I’ll hide my Fab profiles and take my Grindr profile offline. It’s just polite and I’m quite a polite person but I’ve exchanged numbers with some regulars who just message me directly which is fine. I’ve just had to explain I’m all snotty and can’t breath through my nose so doing what they want me to do isn’t going to be pleasant for anyone. It really wouldn’t make a good video either!

@HomegloryUK: Tell me more about videoing meets.

@SS19APR: I do like the filming side of things. It doesn’t have to happen. Recently I had a busy weekend where none of them were filmed. There was quite a few straight lads needing to unload and I always ask if they mind me filming and these lads absolutely didn’t want me to which I understand and is totally fine. I never film without someones permission. Am I devastated? Absolutely.

@HomegloryUK: Especially when that enormous cock slides in.

@SS19APR: Oh god absolutely. It was a good 9.5” one sliding through on Sunday night. He was just travelling through on his way home.

It was beautiful. As I was doing what I was doing I was thinking to myself “I so wish this was being filmed!”. I like to think the service I give doesn’t drop if it’s not being recorded but there’s maybe a small part of me that puts a bit of extra effort in for the camera. I think I’ve got about 700 videos in total. I use an app called Keepsake which backs up to a private cloud as well as being on my IPad.

@HomegloryUK: You’ve started an Only Fans site. Tell me how that came about and why you decided to do that.

@SS19APR: So I started one around the same time I started using the gloryhole. I didn’t have a lot of time to make lots of videos to begin with as my job was very busy and so I didn’t have a lot of videos to post one everyday so I just spaced them out as much as possible so I didn't run out. Some people think it’s unfair charging for content. I get messages asking if I can just send the full videos. You know, I don’t expect anyone to subscribe if they don’t want to. I don’t tell people they have to. I do the shorter videos on twitter. If it’s a guy I’ve met I’ll always send them the full video if they want it. For me, living by myself, the extra money each month is handy for the bills and is more than I thought it would be. I just think, I’ve got these full videos and I enjoy them, if other people want to enjoy them too, that’s their choice, for a small fee of course!

@HomegloryUK: What I like about your Twitter videos is they’re still about a minute long. More than a tease and I think it probably works better as you’re building your followers on Twitter to give a bit more to entice people to your fan site. I think some who have a small number of followers and post 15 second teasers are going to take longer to get traction and popularity.

@SS19APR: To me it’s a trailer for the main event. If you only watched a 15 second movie trailer it probably wouldn’t grab you and encourage you to want to go and see the full movie. 30 seconds to 1 minute entices people in a bit more.

@HomegloryUK: You’re obviously comfortable without anonymity on Twitter and Only Fans. Have you always been comfortable in sharing aspects of your sex life publicly.

@SS19APR: It doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve not really thought about it. If you’ve seen the Hung Bull videos on my Twitter, I meet him quite a lot as he lives near my work so I see him most Monday mornings. He works nights and will come off a nightshift and I’ll get to him about 07.30 on a Monday morning and suck his cock (he’s got a very very nice penis!) and then I’ll go to work. My Boss and my colleagues can’t understand why I’m always early for work on Mondays now! It’s brilliant. They’re always “God you’re early again!” and I’m like “I’m just so dedicated to the job”. If they only knew!

@HomegloryUK: If only they knew which job you were dedicated to.

@SS19APR: Exactly. A lot of people have asked “Do you not mind showing your face?”. I mean God forbid my parents or my sister might see it but I was talking to my cousin the other day and he was joking about starting an OnlyFans and I told him I already had one and Twitter and everything. He was like “What do you mean?” so I told him and he said it sounded like so much fun. I told him he was never allowed to visit!

I follow quite a few gloryhole content creators on Twitter and I’d say at least 50% don't wear masks or hoods. I did buy a mask because some guys said they'd prefer if I wore a mask when it was being recorded so that when I send a video to them they can't look and see a guy sucking their cock and that's totally fine. I think wearing a mask looks horrible I don't like the look of them I don't know why I just don't think I look attractive or sexy in them.

@HomegloryUK: I think some people will always want to keep that anonymity for others it's a bit of a progression and as their confidence and experience grows they'll start to give less of a shit and probably realise that their mother is not trawling Twitter looking for gloryhole videos

@SS19APR: My Dad is in his late 60s, the same as my Mum. If my Dad or my Mum start googling homosexual gloryhole videos then I think that's more grounds for a family discussion than their son sucking some dicks that's my honest answer to that. My Sister is very PC she will never go near any porn site so there's not much chance of them stumbling across me. I have other family of course but I just think am I hurting anyone? No I don't think I am hurting anyone. I enjoy doing it and guys enjoy it being done to them especially the anonymity of the whole thing. I think that's what a lot of straight guys love about it. I get it all the time. I've got a lot of straight girlfriends and I love them dearly but may have said when we talk about it that they don't like to give blow jobs. I tell them this is the reason why my Gloryhole is so popular!

@HomegloryUK: You guys suck at sucking!

@SS19APR: That's it, you girls suck at sucking cock so I do what you don’t like to do.

@HomegloryUK: You ordered you gloryhole with the zipper hand slots how do you find those. Do you prefer it when visitors take more control and are more hands-on?

@SS19APR: I actually prefer it with them closed most of the time. I'll give some people the option of having them open like this one lad asked if he could put his hands through and I was fine with that. So he was holding my head and touching me and then he put his fingers in my mouth. It's something some guys seem to really enjoy but I've never been able to really understand it myself but I went along with it. So it's pretty rare that I use the hand slots but I've got them if I want to use them. There's a couple of videos on my Twitter with their hands coming through and I'll be honest with you if they have a wedding ring, this is going to sound awful, I really don't mind because I think that adds to the video. I know that's awful but I think it just adds to the sexiness of the video if that makes sense. When you see those wedding rings or those tattoos. I love it. There was one guy with his wife's name on his arm and the year they got married. Obviously I could never post that. He was happy for me to film it and send him some clips but yeah I would never post anything identifying or without someone's permission. Another guy had his kids names as part of his tattoo. Some guys who visit totally understand the kink as well because I've had it where they've said as we've chatted before the meet “If you want I can slide my hands through with the wedding ring on.”, knowing full well that it's getting videoed because we've agreed that so yeah there is something quite sexy about it.

@HomegloryUK: It is definitely a kink within gay porn culture, the idea of that straight married man indulging his curiosity or being seduced by a very willing gay man.

@SS19APR: Absolutely and I'll be honest with you I don't have a preference in terms of the sexuality of those who visit me at the gloryhole. It doesn't matter if you're gay straight or bi, married, girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever. For me it's all about connection. If the chatting is right and the meet is easy to arrange then it's all good. I've only ever had one bad experience with my Gloryhole.

@HomegloryUK: Tell us about that.

@SS19APR: So it was an older guy he was about 52. Obviously I explained the gloryhole and the set up. How it's all about anonymity and you don't look through the hole. He arrived and we started and then he just pulled the gloryhole to the side and tried to come into the bedroom. I used to work in security which is why I feel quite comfortable with strangers coming into my house.

A lot of my friends, my close girlfriends really, always worry about me doing stuff like this but I have had some training. I have a security door license so I was fine in dealing with this guy. I just told him to get the hell out. He was like “oh I just wanna kiss you I wanna hug you on the bed”. I told him “Absolutely not that's not what this experience was meant to be. You've ruined it”. He left pretty quickly then. I've never really said that out loud before and thinking about it it is a little worrying. I actually have a ring security camera which is a little problem I have to help visitors get over. I have to explain its a security camera, it's not there to record them so I can post footage of them arriving or leaving it's for my safety but there's no way of avoiding it. Some guys turn up with their hoods up or masks on or putting their hands over it and that's the only way to deal with it because I will not turn it off.

@HomegloryUK: Your neighbours will be looking out of the window was thinking oh my God he's getting burgled all of these guys turning up in masks entering his home.

@SS19APR: I'm actually really lucky in the area that I live. Wantage and South Oxfordshire are really quiet. I'm on a new build estate and I'm right at the back, it’s really quiet. There is actually a massive dogging site just out the back of my flat in the woods.

@HomegloryUK: Handy.

@SS19APR: Hmmm, it’s a heterosexual dogging site unfortunately.

@HomegloryUK: By the sound of it most of the guys who visit you are heterosexual.

@SS19APR: Maybe I should go and put some business cards on some trees.

@HomegloryUK: Haha. You definitely should! Going back to staying safe, how do you ensure your safety you inviting men into your home for Gloryhole sex?

@SS19APR: So I've got my doorbell camera which makes me feel safe. Sometimes I'll tell one of my local friends that I'm having a meet and I'll arrange to message her shortly after I'm planning for the meet to be finished. She doesn't like me doing it but it's good to have that check in with a trusted friend. There's only so much you can do I think to stay safe. Obviously I remove my car keys and any things in the hallway that I don't want them to have access to. I always leave the bathroom door open so they can use the bathroom afterwards if they want to. Other than that I don’t really do anything in terms of safety.

@HomegloryUK: One of the things that I'm hoping will develop through our Twitter feed is a bit of a network of gloryhole hosts who are enjoying sharing their content or enjoying looking at the content of those who are sharing that we’re retweeting and I'm hoping that people will start to connect and perhaps become that buddy that you've just described there in your friend who doesn't approve of your gloryhole fun. What better buddy to have than someone who indulges in gloryhole fun themselves and knows what it's all about.

@SS19APR: That's a really good idea.

@HomegloryUK: It doesn't have to be anything complicated really you would just need someone who is in the same time zone and once you've built up a bit of trust and rapport share enough personal details so that they can press the emergency button or start to make enquiries if you don't check in as planned. You’d probably need to share your address and contact details of a local friend or neighbour who can nip round if your check in buddy gets concerned.

@SS19APR: That sounds brilliant I'd definitely be up for participating in that if it takes off.

@HomegloryUK: I think it's something that we will encourage and talking about it here is the first step but it really would need to be quite organic and require people to connect and start to develop a bit more depth to their online relationships based around the shared kink.

You say you don't do much or think much about safety but I'm sure that you have developed a process in your head to judge whether or not to meet someone that you're chatting to. Tell me more about how you keep yourself safe in that sense, using your judgement as a tool.

@SS19APR: Oh yes. So with Fab I won't meet anyone who isn't verified. So on there you can get yourself verified with a face picture that's not public and that is linked and assessed against your username. I do always think that I've got a good sense of judging a person. If it's difficult to arrange a meet or they're really reluctant to send any type of picture it's an indicator they might not be ready to meet. It's about the connection for me a lot of the time some of my recent meets have been really brief and to the point in terms of the chat beforehand. It might start with them asking “Are you free now?" and I'll share some information and they will send a few pics and and then it will just happen.

@HomegloryUK: Sometimes those interactions are just really authentic and you get a really positive sense that the person you're chatting to means business and he's up for it and they’re sharing some of their pics and they're helping move the conversation towards a meat quite directly. It's very reassuring.

@SS19APR: Yes I totally agree. If someone is skating around the possibility of a meet or is telling me they're really nervous I just will never pressure someone and I will just tell them if they're nervous or not sure there's no point in coming anywhere near me if they're not happy or comfortable in what they're doing. It's fun sometimes helping someone explore their curiosity and helping them push their boundaries but if they're way out of their comfort zone that's just not going to be fun for them or fun for me. Thinking about safety online we do hear these horror stories, which is why my friends don't like me doing it, but you hear of straight guys luring gay guys on Grindr to meet and then awful things happening. With a gloryhole it's a bit different because I don't go out on nights and people come to my home and I feel safer and more comfortable in my home. That might sound odd and yes you have to give people your address and they know where you live but I do feel safer having people come here to meet than I do if I'm going to their place.

@HomegloryUK: I suppose comparing inviting someone to your home where you're in control of things to choosing to go a local cruising ground where there are a lot of unknowns. Everyone perceives risk differently.

@SS19APR: I did that about a year ago now through but I really didn't get on with it. I arranged to meet a man who had obviously sent me fake pics because when I turned up it was just not what I was expecting at all, complete opposite of the photographs he sent. After that experience I just swore I would never go on it again so deleted my account. Cruising can be fun and I suppose saunas are another thing. There's a local one in Swindon called Touch Sauna. They've never appealed that much. I think I’d have to go with somebody else but I don't actually have that many gay male friends. More of my friends are lesbians. I would want to go with somebody else and be there with somebody else and leave with somebody else if that makes sense. I'd feel uncomfortable going by myself.

@HomegloryUK: There's also appreciating that a lot of those straight curious men with girlfriends (who don't like to give blow jobs), they'll feel safer and more secure and discreet going to someone's private home than going to a cruising ground or a dogging site or a sauna.

@SS19APR: Exactly. They feel more comfortable and they’re always really impressed at the gloryhole and I think the professional look of it helps reassure them further that they're in safe hands. I should be on commission the number of people I've recommended it to and passed on your website to. But seriously a lot of them say that they didn't realise you could buy stuff like that and I tell them I didn't either until I went looking and found it. The hardest decision I had to make was about what colour to get. I see you've just got a new fabric in as well, maybe we need to have a conversation about an upgrade.

@HomegloryUK: I think that's a conversation we can definitely have. I sometimes wonder if HomeGlory customers who create content and have thousands of followers would get a lot of interest from their followers in bidding to own the actual Gloryhole they've been enjoying watching for months or years, a bit like the guys who sell their used and worn underwear.

@SS19APR: Oh my God! I never thought of that. I'll admit to being quite a slut when it comes to sucking cock but I'm also very clean with everything. As soon as it's messy I'm cleaning it.

@HomegloryUK: And it washes so easily doesn't it!

@SS19APR: I say that a lot to guys. “You should really buy one of these they're so easy to clean!”

@HomegloryUK: I love it.

@SS19APR: But some guys are like no no no! I wanna see stains on it when I come to visit.

@HomegloryUK: I have seen one customer who uses there's a lot and obviously doesn't clean it very often and seemingly enjoys the state to get into sometimes you look at it and you think there must be six months worth of action painted on that thing right there.

@SS19APR: I just don't like how it looks when I'm filming it if it's not clean. You know when I'm filming I don't use a tripod I just use household items and an Ikea iPad holder. It just sits on a dining room chair to the side with some boxes at the back to get the right tilt and angle. I don't use a tripod. I just thought, I haven't done the floor angle shot in a while.

@HomegloryUK: I do like the angle looking up from the floor especially when you're wearing your “Yaaassss!” Rainbow t-shirt.

@SS19APR: I love that top. I had a few guys message me saying they love that top too.

@HomegloryUK: Do you consider sucking cock at a Gloryhole to be a submissive activity?

@SS19APR: I like sucking cock and I'd like to be told what to do but I don't like the violent rough aspect that some people enjoy when being submissive. I don't mind being pulled down deep onto a cock and gagging a bit so long as it's not too much and I'm still in control. A lot of straight lads like their arses being licked and rimmed. It's unreal how many enjoy it, more so than gay men in my experience. It’s probably about 70-80% of the guys that visit me are like “you can suck my cock but you have to eat my arse as well’ and I’m like “Deal!”. I can’t play hard to get.

@HomegloryUK: In terms of other Twitter users, not necessarily gloryhole content creators, who’s content do you enjoy?

@SS19APR: I do enjoy other peoples gloryhole videos but I think I enjoy mine more because I can remember who they are and it takes me back to that moment. I really enjoy hidden camera content and I love Chav porn. I get a raging boner when I think about lads in tracksuits, caps and jewellery with a slight whiff of weed.

If I show you my porn collection from when I was like 22 it's all Triga films and Scally Lads and stuff. Chav porn is my biggest turn on. On twitter I really enjoy and They’re both very hot.

@HomegloryUK: What’s your current relationship status?

@SS19APR: Single.

@HomegloryUK: Is that a choice to be single or are you looking for a partner?

@SS19APR: This is the longest I've been single since I was 23 years old. I separated from my partner in February just before I moved in. This is the longest I've been single and the first time I've been single at Christmas since I was 23. My parents are overjoyed.

@HomegloryUK: If you get into a relationship do you think you'll continue with your gloryhole kink?

@SS19APR: I would like to

@HomegloryUK: Is it something that you’ll be quite open about and want to share with a partner?

@SS19APR: Absolutely. I enjoy it. As a bottom, arranging sex meets is such a faff to get ready sometimes. The idea of a lad walking in and sticking his cock through the gloryhole, I suck him off, he comes and he goes…I just love it. I've actually met a few guys on my gloryhole Grindr profile that I’ve then gone on dates with so they already know I’ve got a gloryhole which is one big thing out fo the way. I'd struggle to give it up, especially now with the only fans doing relatively well.

@HomegloryUK: There's a couple of lads in Liverpool who have a gloryhole and film content together. Most of it is just them fucking but sometimes they enjoy getting the gloryhole out for some anon play. So if anyone reading this lives in the Oxford area and thinks they might like to go on a date with Oxfords premier gloryhole host, you know how to get in touch. He's right here.

In terms of your sexual adventures what’s next on the list of things that you want to try but haven't got round to it yet?

@SS19APR: I’d quite like a couple at the gloryhole. A couple of lads have also asked if they can come and be at mine and watch me sucking other people off and I'd love that, I’d find that so hot but it's really difficult to arrange.

I've built up some really good relationships with some local straight lads and we chat on WhatsApp and a few of them are really up for coming in and just chilling out on my bed wanking as they watch me suck cock. I fucking love that idea. The issue is getting them here when they can get away and guaranteeing that someone will turn up to get their cock sucked.

@HomegloryUK: I suppose it takes some confident regulars who would feel secure coming with the knowledge that somebody else will be behind the gloryhole watching too. If that’s someones first time visiting you and they are feeling a bit nervous and already stretching their comfort zone, then knowing somebody else is there is probably going to tip them over the edge and they won’t be up for it or just won't turn up.

Any travel plans coming up?

@SS19APR: No holiday plans coming up but I do have some work trips away planned that involve overnight stays. When I heard about the trips the first thing I asked my boss was does it require an overnight stay and he said yes, I was like “Yes!”. He asked why I was so excited and I just said “Oh it’s just a nice new location.” In my head I was thinking the gloryhole is definitely coming with me. I might have to call the hotel and ask them about the size of their bathroom door and if visitors need keycard access to get to the rooms.

@HomegloryUK: Or just book the biggest hotel that will have hundreds of guests in there because you can guarantee someone will pop up on your Grindr grid or on your fab profile who is also staying in the hotel.

A skill that you’ve got that your Twitter followers wouldn’t know about.

@SS19APR: I used to ride horses a lot. I had a lovely horse called Simon and we rode in Gymkhana’s

@HomegloryUK: What's your current TV obsession?

Sabrina the teenage witch.

@HomegloryUK: Oh the Netflix reboot!

@SS19APR: No no, the original series it's just launched on Amazon Prime, Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK - I really don’t agree with some of Ru’s decisions this year. I’m on to the final season of The Walking Dead. Tiger King season 2 too.

@HomegloryUK: Last question. What advice would you give to someone who's watching your videos and really enjoying them and contemplating hosting a gloryhole themselves?

@SS19APR: For me I didn’t really watch many videos before I bought one. A lot of people ask me what made me get a gloryhole and should they get one. I tell them it's not a question I can answer for them I can just share my experiences and why I think it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made, and why I enjoy it so much. I just think if you’ve got the environment (it helps if you live by yourself) and you’ve been thinking about it and enjoy sucking cock as much as I do then give it a go. I do think since I’ve been using the gloryhole I’ve gotten a much better caliber of penis than I did when I was arranging casual sex meets on Grindr.

@HomegloryUK: Well thank you so much for your time. I know those who regularly enjoy your videos will love getting more of an insight into your experiences. Thank you and happy sucking! I’m already looking forward to your next video!

And that’s a wrap. It was so much fun catching up with this horny gloryhole adventurer. Huge thanks @SS19APR for giving up his time to chat to us and share his thoughts and experiences. If you’ve enjoyed reading please comment. If you’ve got a question in your head that you wish we’d asked then ask away! If you love his content see a lot more by subscribing to his Only Fans by clicking HERE! Next month we’ll be skipping across the Atlantic again to Washington DC for a festive catch up with @Novagay14. Catch you for the next instalment of The Hole Truth. Until then stay safe and well!

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