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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

So we got to thinking and we thought it would be great to start getting more insights into the exploits, experience, thoughts and lives of those amazing folk who host gloryholes and provide relief to thousands of men every day across the world. Starting this month we're thrilled to bring you our first interview with a horny cocksucker who lives on the outskirts of London, UK....

@PhatYTass has been posting some great content on Twitter for over a year now. As the name suggests he's a got a Phat Ass and yes he likes to twerk it! If you follow @HomeGloryUK on Twitter then you'll have no doubt seen some of his sucking vids. We spent some time getting to know him better. Enjoy the interview and please do leave a comment.

@HomeGloryUK: Well thank you so much for agreeing to give up some of your time today to chat to us about your gloryhole adventures. I’ve been loving the content you’ve been posting.

@PhatYTass: Haha, thanks. It’s been fun creating it.

@HomeGloryUK: So to kick things off, how about we start at the beginning. What was your first gloryhole experience?

@PhatYTass: If memory serves I think it was at a cruise bar in London called Vault 139. They have about 5 gloryholes in a row. It’s always been something that has intrigued me from porn, the anonymity of it all and so I plucked up the courage to go to this bar and never really looked back to be honest. I had my first experience and really enjoyed it so yeah, it was actually in a cruise bar.

@HomeGloryUK: I’ve been to Vault 139 myself. I also remember the nerves. Walking up and down the street a few times before building up the courage to head in. It’s a fun place for sure. When did you decide to set up your own gloryhole and how did that happen?

@PhatYTass: So I think I started my Twitter account about a year ago and I didn’t get massively into it straight away, I more just wanted to...well to be blunt, shake my ass, do ass videos and what have you, twerking and stuff but like I say, gloryholes are always something that’s intrigued me so I did it a couple of times. I did the established right of passage by setting up a sheet over a doorway, put it in place with pins and sliced a hole in the middle. I whacked a profile on Grindr just to see what would happen really. I got a few people. It was a bit slow, not really building a head of steam (pardon the pun) and I took it from there. More and more got into it and people on Twitter enjoyed the videos I was posting and because my Twitter started to take off a little bit in terms of getting more followers I decided I wanted to professionalise the look which is why I came to you guys to buy a decent looking gloryhole.

@HomeGloryUK: And grateful we are too! You mentioned Grindr as a way to find people to visit your gloryhole. Do you use any other sites or apps to find people who might want to pop in for some discreet, anonymous, gloryhole pleasure?

@PhatYTass: No I don’t actually. People can tap me up on Twitter obviously but to be honest I don’t get a lot on Twitter because I think a lot of people think I’m based in London and so just around the corner but I actually live just outside of London. I don’t think I’ve had a meet from Twitter now that I think, although I’ve had guys say they’ll come, so it is really completely and utterly down to Grindr. I’ve heard of but haven’t looked into that yet but it’s probably something I will look into.

@HomeGloryUK: Yeah, I would definitely recommend having a look at Fabswingers. I don’t use Grindr at all.

@PhatYTass: Really?

@HomeGloryUK: Yes. I just use Fabswingers. It’s got great functionality and a lot of members. There’s also Fabguys which is aimed more at gay or bisexual men but I still find Fabswingers better. That’s probably a reflection of my preference for playing with straight/curious men who also tend to be a lot more straightforward.

@PhatYTass: I would say that even though it’s all grindr for me, I reckon probably 50% of people who visit me would identify as straight/curious and have made a grindr profile to indulge in some discreet play. The anonymous gloryhole fun really appeals to them.

@HomeGloryUK: What’s your ideal visit from someone when you’re on your knees at the gloryhole?

@PhatYTass: So I think the gloryhole has probably highlighted this for me. I do have a think for straight/curious guys. I think it’s probably because it’s a power thing. Many probably think that being on your knees servicing cocks is quite a submissive act but to me it’s quite the opposite. A complete stranger is 100% trusting you with their dick and their pleasure. I’m not really into being faced fucked or throat fucked. I like them to let me do the work. I think having that responsibility of getting someone off is a huge buzz to me and I feel that is heightened even more when they’re straight or curious. A lot of guys have said to me that this is their first time so that’s a huge amount of trust to place in someone. That just gets me off. Being in control of someones orgasm and when its someone who doesn’t identify as gay and it’s their first time, I respect and enjoy the trust they’re putting in me.

In terms of size, I don’t consider myself too much of a size queen. Everybody enjoys a massive cock but some of the nicest cocks I’ve sucked at the gloryhole have been a good decent 6 inches. It’s funny really, one of the things that the gloryhole has done has been to mature my desires if that makes sense. I always thought aesthetically cut cocks were nicer to look at but when you’re just faced with the dick in front of you I really have developed an appreciation for the beauty of an uncut dick. I don’t know if it’s the reveal, pulling the foreskin back or what have you, but it really has changed my perception of penisis! So not a massive size queen. I say on my Grindr have at least 6 inches. A decent thickness is nice. Yeah.

@HomeGloryUK: Have you ever had any surprises come through the hole?

@PhatYTass: I’ve definitely had a few guys who have oversold their equipment in terms of their length. It’s not too much of a problem. There’s been the odd occasion where it’s blatantly a lot smaller than what they’ve said but you know...I’m a trooper, I’m there so I’ll still get them off. They probably won’t be visiting again because they’ve been dishonest. Other than that, I did have one guy who I ended up blocking. I have a few rules I send to guys who visit. Nothing too prescriptive, just some basic ground rules. One of them is “Please don’t lean on the gloryhole or pull down on the fixing rods. If you need to hold onto something hold on to the doorframe”. Even with the tension rods you still don’t want to put too much pressure on them. Anyway, he was drunk and pulled down hard on the top tension rod and the gloryhole came down on top of me. I quickly put it back up and we finished but as I said, he was drunk and when he left he messaged me saying “Hehe, I’ve just stolen the toilet paper you left by the hole because I’ve ran out at home!” I was like..seriously? I leave toilet roll handy for men to wipe themselves afterwards and having just given this guy a great gloryhole blowjob he steals my toilet paper. Instant BLOCK.

@HomeGloryUK: Yes I’ve learned that there’s an extra element of risk when agreeing to to meets on a Friday or Saturday evening. If they’ve got a hot profile and I’m feeling particularly horny, I forget to ask “Are you completely steaming or off your tits?”. I quickly decided to not entertain Friday or Saturday night meets unless they’re trusted regulars.

@PhatYTass: It’s a tough one. Where I live there’s quite a lot of bars and clubs and sometimes I might stay up a bit later to catch the after hours crowds where there’s some curious lads feeling a bit braver after a drink and I’ve had some drunk guys who have still been able to perform and have enjoyed it. Just that one bad experience with the drunk toilet roll thief.

@HomeGloryUK: So we’ve touched on keeping safe there. Any top tips for people who have set up a gloryhole or are thinking about setting up a home gloryhole. How do you keep yourself safe when inviting strangers into your home?

@PhatYTass: Yeah so...I never give out my address on Grindr until I can see them a few meters away on the app. I had a few occasions where I did give out my full address and then they didn’t show. I just send the location on Grindr which shows the road I live on and then they’ll ask for the property number. I’ll tell them no. Get here then I’ll give you instructions to get into the property. I’ve not had any occasions where I’ve felt uncomfortable or threatened. When visitors come in, they only have access to a small amount of my property. They literally come through the door into the hallway, turn a corner and there’s the gloryhole so I’m in control of the majority of the property.

@HomeGloryUK: When someone comes to visit you, what’s your setup and what can they expect?

@PhatYTass: I will have sent them my ground rules and a description of the setup. Don’t lean on the gloryhole. Don’t put anything else though the hole unless I invite it. Some might want to put their hands through and finish themselves off which has happened a few times. Toilet roll should they want to use it afterwards (assuming some sod hasn’t stolen it!). I tell them that the bathroom isn’t available and I let them know that. Mainly because I don’t want them having more access to my property and also because of the pandemic as I want to minimise contact with me and my property, 99% of guys are fine with that. I had one guy say to me afterwards “Oh I was hoping to have a shower.”. I was like “No mate, that’s not happening!”.

@HomeGloryUK: Maybe he wanted to wash the sin away having emptied his balls.

@PhatYTass: Yeah absolutely.

@HomeGloryUK: Do you get many curious to reciprocate and are you up for that?

@PhatYTass: I’m not up for that. A lot ask but I make it clear it’s no reciprocation. Just about me sucking their cocks.

@HomeGloryUK: So a little more about you. We all love a bit of cock but there’s more to us than that. Some quickfire non gloryhole questions. What’s your current TV obsession?

@PhatYTass: At the minute Better Call Sal is what I’m into. I think I;ve just started season 4 so I’m obsessed with that at the minute.

@HomeGloryUK: Last book you read?

@PhatYTass: Sarah Silverman’s autobiography. She’s a US comedian. Her book is called The Bed Wetter: Courage Redemption and Pee. Sounds kinky but it’t not. It’s just about her life growing up.

@HomeGloryUK: Now that we can travel again where would you like to travel to next?

@PhatYTass: I’d love to get back to the US or Canada. I just love it over there.

@HomeGloryUK: Would you travel with your gloryhole?

@PhatYTass: Yes. I don’t see why not. Get some international cock on my travels.

@HomeGloryUK: Any other kinks you have?

@PhatYTass: I’m kind of getting into the whole cumdump scene as in anal. In fact I’m trying to organise something for tomorrow (you might have spotted it in my Twitter). I’ve tried to organise it before and the normal Grindr suspects appear who are all very keen but you never hear from them again. This time I managed to get a photo through the Grindr moderators of my arse and Jesus I’ve been inundated. I’ve had 15-20 guys all interested in giving it a go but probably 75% will probably chicken out so I might be having fun with 5 or 6 guys tomorrow night. So that’s something I’ve been getting into.

@HomeGloryUK: Well if people have seen your Twitter, that arse is definitely something to appreciate and you deserve a medal for getting that pic through the moderators.

@PhatYTass: Haha. Thanks. My achievement of the day. I’m also into underwear so you’ll probably see me twerking around with jocks and thongs. I’ve got a bit of an interest in lingerie and stockings too.

@HomeGloryUK: Who else do you admire on twitter?

@PhatYTass: I really like @SantanaXXLL, big chubby black guy who’s always sucking cocks in cars and stuff. Really enjoy his content.

@HomeGloryUK: Are you single?

@PhatYTass: I am

@HomeGloryUK: Do you see yourself getting into a relationship at some point and if so would you want to share this fetish or is it something that you’d put in a box so to speak and leave behind if you got into a relationship?

@PhatYTass: My opinions on open relationships have massively changed over the years. I would like to share this fetish with someone. I absolutely feel there’s a distinction between love and sex and so rather than being someone that quells my partners fetishes, I’d like to be someone who supports them and participates in them so long as I’m comfortable and vice versa. So the ideal situation would be to share my gloryhole fetish with someone but having said that if I met someone and absolutely fell in love with them and they had an issue with it then yeah I probably would put it into a box. It wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me if they didn’t want me to carry on doing it.

@HomeGloryUK: Fingers crossed. I was encouraged to note last November/December quite a lot of orders came through that were intended as gifts for partners. Couples who obviously had a level of sexual openness already or were about to venture into some gloryhole play. There’s a few couples who’ve bought a Homeglory gloryhole and play as a couple who also occasionally post content on their Twitter feeds. We always give them a Re-Tweet. So there’s hope for us yet!

I’ve noticed that on your Twitter feed you’re posting fairly full videos albeit the edited highlights. Are you planning to go down the Only Fans or Just for Fans route at some point or are you doing this just for your own kink?

@PhatYTass: At the minute it’s just for my own kink. If my Twitter following really took off and I got North of 10k followers I might think about. It’s not something I could do in my current career. There’s nothing illegal about it but I have quite a public facing job and it might bring some scrutiny to me that I might not necessarily want. It’s something I’ve thought about and will keep pondering.

@HomeGloryUK: What advice would you give to someone who is feeling curious about or thinking about setting up their own gloryhole at home?

@PhatYTass: Do it. Absolutely. If the curiosity is there then clearly there’s an interest. I’ve been nothing but pleased with the experiences I’ve had. It hasn’t been a disappointing experience. Part of me wondered if I would come away feeling like a cheap slut sort of thing but...I am a slut! I’ve accepted that and now wear it as a badge of honour. I think operating a gloryhole has contributed to that. The sense of power you get knowing you’re bringing someone to orgasm is a huge aphrodisiac for me. Absolutely go for it.

@HomeGloryUK: Well thank you so much for your time chatting to me today. This is the first interview we’ve done but we’re planning to make it a monthly thing. Just listening to your responses I already know people are going to really enjoy getting more of an insight into gloryhole fun and the people who enjoy it. I’ve really enjoyed connecting and chatting with someone else who enjoys this fetish and especially a customer who has supported this crazy venture.

@PhatYTass: Likewise. It’s been nice to chat to you. I hope people do enjoy the insight. It would be nice to be involved in a gloryhole community where people can support each other. Share some stories, ask questions and stuff.

@HomeGloryUK: Hopefully these regular interviews will kickstart some of that. Thanks again and have a truly excellent day. Hopefully with some great cock!

Well a huge thank you to @PhatYTass. If you haven’t already checked out his Twitter feed then go have a look now, give him a follow and if you like his content show him some love. Please do comment on this blog interview. Have you enjoyed it? Would you like to see more? Who are your favourite gloryhole content creators that you’d like us to interview. What’s the burning question that you wish we’d asked?

Check back next month to see who we’ve been chatting with. We’re hoping to venture across the pond to connect with one of our US customers.

Bye bye for now and stay safe all. x

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A6 Glory Hole
A6 Glory Hole
Sep 26, 2021

Great idea and look forward to many more interviews. Have followed @PhaTYass, very articulate and insightful comments into the pleasures and motivations of hosting a GH.

Mr HomeGlory
Mr HomeGlory
Sep 26, 2021
Replying to

I really enjoyed chatting to him. A very switched on lad and as you noticed, very articulate. I’m already looking forward to bringing you all next months interview 😉

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