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To Build or Buy: get the return on your investment of money and time.

So you've decided you need a glory hole setup for your home or to take with you on your travels. Now you need to make a decision. Do you break out the saw and nails and build your own gloryhole out of wood or do you flex the credit card and buy a glory hole online that has been designed for the purpose? Whichever you choose, we want you to ensure you get the return on your investment that you're hoping for. If you do you, the cash you've spent and the time you've invested will result in a steady flow of visitors and some regular visitors that will keep your appetite satisfied. Here we provide some considerations to help you make your decision.

First of all, you need to figure out how to build a glory hole if you're considering a DIY job. If you're going for a self design then check out pictures online of various setups and start sketching out a design that will meet your needs and that has the features you will want. Reflect on the material that you want to build it out of (wood or fabric generally) and cost up the materials and tools that you'll need (is it just a saw and screws or is it a sewing machine and threads?). Remember if you build your own glory hole, you'll likely need materials to build several iterations. In the development of the HomeGlory range we created 10 prototypes (and learned some great sewing techniques to solve problems and refine things as we went along). With the best planning in the world you need to give it a go and then test to see if your design is living up to your vision. When costing, factor this in and also reflect on how valuable your time is? What is your hourly rate of pay?

Be under no illusion. A gloryhole that doesn't adjust in height to accommodate different sized and proportioned men or one that is uncomfortable to stand at for more than a couple of minutes, will be one that men won't return to. You might strike gold and have the most perfect penis sliding through your glory hole. You might have the best oral game or ass/pussy going but if it's not comfortable for the visitor then you'll have missed your one shot to make them a regular visitor. If you're new to this, trust me. There are some visitors you really want to see again and again. Worse than this is a set up that leaves marks on a visitors member or leaves them with back pain. Even more catastrophic, one that falls down during someones visit. Get your design and iteration process right or buy a glory hole that has the features that will have them coming back for more. This is the return on the investment that you're after.

Permanent, semi-permanent or no trace up and down? Some people wonder "How do I build my own glory hole?" and answer themselves by saying "Simple! I'll convert my garage into one!" This sort of project which creates a permanent fixture is great for some people. Not great if your parents are popping round and start asking questions. I've seen several designs that use slats of woods with sliding locks top and bottom that slot into drilled holes in door frames. This semi-permanent style creates a solid barrier but you need a series of holes top & bottom and on each side of your door frame to adjust for various heights. This style is less obvious than a permanent one but you can guarantee some eagle eyed friend will be asking you "what are these holes for?". Have a good answer pre-loaded if you don't want to divulge that you're a glory hole adventurer. You'll also need to think about where you will store the almost door sized panels of wood when they're not in use.

The no trace up and down option is what HomeGlory is all about. Packs into a discreet case to go with you on business trips or to use at home. Up and down in seconds and when not in use it's under the bed, in the back of the wardrobe or stored in a discreet cupboard. Requires no drilling or screwing or anything that might leave a trace. Height adjustment and extra features to suit your needs.

Whatever you go for do try and make it look good. Flapping fabric or a fraying hole will annoy you and your visitor. Build a quality glory hole or buy a quality glory hole. If you love cock but are not technically gifted or confident enough to build your own gloryhole, or simply don't have the time, check out our store. We've done the thinking and made all of the mistakes during our design process and you can be confident if you buy a glory hole online with us, that return on investment will come to you in bucket loads!

Whatever you do....have some self respect and DO NOT DO THIS!

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1 Comment

Ricky Furnell
Ricky Furnell
Aug 16, 2022

This blog has convinced me I need to invest!

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