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Covid: Canada recommends use a gloryhole!!!

I knew I loved Canadians for a reason. Witty, smart, well dressed and very sexy in their lumberjack shirts...and very practical. Yes Canada is leading the way in acknowledging the unmet need for some sexual action for many single people during this pandemic. Ever pragmatic the Canadian health authorities recommend people to: “Use barriers, like walls (eg, glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact,” .

I wonder if I should ask for an endorsement?

"Buy a HomeGlory Gloryhole and keep Canada safe!"

"Don't be a moaner, deal with your boner! Buy a gloryhole and open it for fun for all!"

"Buy online and you'll be fine. Beat your horn and lets not moan."

Ok, I'll stop now with the dodgy slogans.

Still, in honour of this great nation and their forward thinking I've ordered some red fabric to create a few gloryholes in Canadian maple red. I wonder if people would like to buy a gloryhole with their national flag on it? Is it possible to feel patriotic when on your knees servicing some homegrown meaty goodness? I think I might be on to something here.

Humans are sexual beings and if you've found your way to this website you are definitely one. The enforced social distancing measures across the world are hard and simply saying don't have sex is a big ask as the Canadian authorities seem to recognise. Far better to say "do this" as opposed to "don't do this". So I stand with my Canadian cousins and fully support the Government. Do check out the website. Buy a gloryhole online. Wash before and after and satisfy that urge. They're portable so use at home or pack them into a handy carry case (available in our online store) and take them on those business trips.

Avoid face to face contact. Buy a gloryhole online. Satisfy your sexual needs. Get on your knees. Do it for all the horny men out there. Do it for yourself. Do it for Canada!

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