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How long is the perfect gloryhole session?

Interesting question so I dipped into twitter and dropped a quick poll to find out. For those keen gloryhole (sometimes spelled glory hole) fans in the twitter-sphere, wether they made their own gloryhole out of some wood or re-purposed shower curtain or they chose to buy a gloryhole online, the question is valid for all and the answers are in (actually they're still coming in but the results are clear already).

With everything there's going to be a diversity of opinion but it seems, and I can't disagree as my personal opinion chimes with the result, around the 10 minute mark is the ideal time. I think the only exception for me when I invite men to visit my home gloryhole, are those men who are cocked and ready and have what we might call an easy trigger. It's fun to play with these men, tease and edge them until they're begging for more. This isn't always possible I have to admit, especially as my gloryhole has arm/hand slots. A good case in point was this morning. A first time visitor. the picture he sent of his tool let me know I wasn't going to be disappointed. An 8 inch uncut piece slid through and I could tell within 20 seconds he was already primed. I would have enjoyed teasing and edging this chap but after about 2 minutes his hands slid through the slots and took a firm grip of my head and at the same time control of the proceedings. Less than a minute later he was draining his balls down my throat. I was not complaining. I think I would have enjoyed a good 15 minutes with this chap. Maybe next time.

What I do dislike is a man who needs a marathon session to get his rocks off. There are some who love a challenge and I'm not one of them when it comes to serving at my home glory hole. Anything over 20 minutes definitely starts to feel like work and if it's a warm day I'll soon be sweating my arse off.

In terms of how long visitors like, I'll do another poll to see if they match up. Some glory hole setups aren't that comfortable to stand at for more than 5 minutes (no gap at the bottom means a visitor has to arch their back and push their hips forward to get their cock fully through the hole and some wooden ones really do need hand holds to help support s persons weight if they're out of balance). My set up is super versatile, I can even give gentlemen a seat while they get serviced anonymously. Maybe I'm making it too comfortable? Not at all. They always come back for more and I love giving them more.

Please share in the forum some of your memorable sessions or make a comment on this blog post. The very short, the marathons or just the plain perfectly horny ones.

Stay safe and happy adventures to all of you game gloryholers out there.

The Cock Hound. x

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