Huston, we have launch...

I‘ve just launched this website after a day of revisions, edits and consulting with a couple of trusted friends who not only understand web design, but also understand and are part of the gloryhole community that I’ve created this site and store to serve. Having connected with a potential customer on twitter a few weeks back, he became my first customer a few hours ago as we test drove the functionality of the store. I’m pleased to say things went smoothly.

So now its time to put the word out there and see what happens. Will people like the product and buy it? I’m confident they will, especially after the first few sales and some videos begin to appear on twitter of it in action. Will people engage in the community parts of this site? I really do hope so. Chatting with my two web experts early, we strayed into our various exploits and it felt great to talk freely about this kinky, naughty, indulgence that we share. I really hope this becomes a place for people to connect, share stories and advice.

The countdown is over. Time for launch.

The Cock Hound

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