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The adventure begins...

What started out as me indulging a personal fetish has now led me to being on the verge of launching my website to sell this glory hole that I’ve developed to the world. As I began thinking about developing this website I randomly connected to a fellow glory hole adventurer on a swinging site I use to connect with men seeking fun. He works in digital marketing and was more than happy to give me some great advice on getting started. The thought then occurred that another friend who also likes to service men at his home made glory hole had deigned my logo for me. Without realising it, I’d stumbled into a glory hole community of fellow adventurers and enthusiasts and the community was already supporting me in my venture. This revelation led to some reflection and I realised my website had the potential to be more than an online shop. I want it to be a hub for a community of glory hole adventurers around the world. A place to access advice and articles relating to this fetish we all enjoy. A place to discuss and share your stories, tips and concerns. A place to connect.

I don’t know what will happen next, I am in every sense making this up as I go along but I’m enjoying the ride so far and very curious to see where this takes me and how many other community members I’ll connect with.

The Cock Hound

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